Yasushi Shoji

Born in 1982.His interests towards Music, Arts, and Dance, which influenced by HIPHOP culture, motivated him to start dancing at the age of 15. After a while, devoted himself to contemporary dance and improvisation. In 2006, started his career as a dancer at the point of establishing “Shun project.” As a freelance dancer based in Hokkaido, he performed in many stages, art festivals, films, etc. Not only as a regular member of “OrganWorks” directed by Shintaro Hirahara, performs in “Toribozu,” a unit with an actor Tomouki Shibata, and participates in “+81” directed by Masahiro Yanagimoto. Also, internationally performed in contemporary dance and theater works by choreographers and theater directors like Kaiji Moriyama, Yasutake Shimaji, Carmen Werner, Tomohito Saito(YUMENOKUNI), Yukie Hashiguchi, and so on. Searching his own expression based on Yoga and original bodywork, vigorously creates choreographs, collaborates with artists in different fields, and also gives workshops for people in several areas.


HIPHOPカルチャーの影響で音楽やアート、ダンスに興味を持ち、15歳から踊り始める。 その後コンテンポラリーダンス及び即興ダンスに傾倒。 2006年「瞬project」結成を機に舞台活動をスタート。
舞踊家/振付家の平原慎太郎が主宰するダンスカンパニー「OrganWorks」、 俳優 柴田智之とのユニット「鳥坊主」、柳本雅寛主宰「+81」にダンサーとして参加。 これまでに森山開次、島地保武、Carmen Werner、齊藤智仁(YUMENOKUNI)、橋口幸絵 等、国内外のコンテンポラリーダンス作品、演劇作品に出演。 ヨガや独自に培ってきた身体技法をベースに探求を続けながら、振付、異分野アーティストとの創作、様々な対象に向けたワークショップも精力的に行っている。札幌市出身、在住。



photo by Saki Matsumura